Photoshop Actions Reviews

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i love how fast i
"i love how fast i can edit, I've used them for all types of sessions"
Heather D.
Easy to use - Great Price
"Easy to use - Great Price. Helps add the finishing touches to my photos in seconds"
Gwen H.
Love the actions!
"They are great!"
William D.
"I bought these actions to use for my children's photos as well as for some engagement photos. They are beautiful and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. I love them!"
Ayron L.
Absolutely love Pretty Actions
"Highly recommended. Action sets are nicely put together, a great investment for hobby and professional photographers."
Amanda H.
Pastel Dreams Collection
"Absolutely love this collection. It allows me to add just the right amount of warmth and colour to my images, and of course enhance or add beautiful sunlight. It has been perfect for my recent wedding and engagement shoots."
Maree J.
Easy to use
"These are easy to use and really work!"
Briana G.
Life Changing, Literally.
"I invested in the Pastel Dreams collection and I am in LOVE! For months upon months, I’ve been working to not only streamline my workflow but fine tune my style (I was close- and I had a vision, but I just couldn't get it quite there with any consistency). I have tears In my eyes knowing that THIS is it. I know it in my heart of hearts that this is what I’ve been trying to find for over 2 years. My workflow- my look- it all finally fits perfectly- and I just had to share my gratitude with you all. My new workflow consists of Pastel Dreams and the Makeup and Retouch set. And I hope to incorporate the Film set, soon (maybe tonight!). The only thing more I could ask for is a guide- a recipe book, incorporating all of your actions. While I have my own mini-notebook of recipes at my workstation- I'd gladly purchase a guide, and likely more sets, to have this baseline for inspiration.) All I can say is THANK YOU!"
Nicole W.
Pretty Pastel dreams
"I love this collection and when I can afford to, I will be buying more of your actions!!"
Just love!
Suzy C.
Amazing presets!!
"Amazing presets!!"
Monika M.
love these actions
"Love all of pretty photoshop and lightrooms presets and actions. Makes my work flow so much easier not to mention the stunning look. Can't say enough about all of the presets and actions I have purchased."
Ruthie R.
Pastel Dreams
"So far I am loving how easy these actions make using Photoshop!"
Jennifer A.
"Love the Pastel Dreams Collection!"
Annette G.
"I was hesitant about using the sky overlays because I was afraid it wouldn't look natural, but OMG I am loving them. The magic replace actions make it so easy to place and adjust the overlay. With the adjustment layers already set up I get very natural looking skies in my photos and no one can tell it isn't the original sky. Worth every penny!!!"
Shawn S.
Love them
"I love the options!"
Christine B.
"Love these actions!!"
Lisa S.
Love the New Dream Collection
"The Dream collection transforms my images instantly...adds beautiful color. A must-have. I love it."
Martha G.
Love 💕
"Easy to use and adjust. Streamlines my process."
Anna I.
Fun collection
"Great for outdoor spring shoots .. soft beautiful colors"
Misti D.
Pastel Dreams Collection.
"I love this collection! It's so versatile and makes my editing really easy."
Donna D.
Great product
"Lovely easy to use a tons to put the finishing touches on an image and make it stunning."
Brandi B.
Pastel collection
"I have only just started experimenting with these actions and I’m already falling in love!!! I think they’ll be a great add-on to my boudoir editing! Thank you!! 😊"
Melodie S.
Pastel dreams
"I love the looks that the actions give the photos. I am new to photoshop and the learning videos are great to help learn how to use them. Very happy with them!"
Heidi E.
"I've never used Photoshop presets. And this was so easy to use. Super easy YouTube videos even explain how to use them properly! Super gorgeous and easy to maneuver!"
Tessa G.
Pastel Actions
"I am absolutely in love with these actions!! They are PERFECT for the editing style I’m using for Spring sessions:)"
Kelly D.
Pastel dreams
"I have bought a couple sets of actions and i ahve loved them so much. These actions have cut down on my editing time tremendously. I will definitely be ordering more."
Elvia F.
"These actions really make my images beautiful! I’m so happy with my purchase and look forward to editing!"
Courtney R.
great as always!
"another must have! love the versatility, all of the extra options!! again, a huge THANK YOU for creating them!!!"
Ine T.
Best ever
"I looked at many overlays and instantly fell in love, no hesitation I bout three of the overlay sets. Couldn't be happier"
Elizabeth T.