Video: Blurring the Edges of Your Image | A Photoshop Tutorial

Blur edges of images in Photoshop

Have you ever wondered how to achieve or enhance the depth of field around the edges of your image? With our beautiful new Film Photoshop actions collection, it's super easy to  blur the edges of your images to create a nice, soft blur and bring the focus towards the center of your image. The absolute best part is that it's so much fun and only takes just one click of your mouse. Want to see for yourself? take a look at the video we have created for you to achieve this look. 


In this video we will also cover how to achieve a soft focus or tilt shift look using another action from our Film collection of Photoshop actions. Again with just one click of your mouse you can achieve a creamy soft focus look for a more creative style edit with just the very center of your image in focus. Of course each of these actions are completely customizable and you can not only adjust the opacity of each action but remove the blur from certain areas of your image for a custom edit in Photoshop.

 Find the Film collection Here!

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