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We are so excited to welcome Corinne from C. Belle Photography to the Photographer Depot blog today. Take a moment to learn more about her and visit her social media pages to check out her work. Thank you Corinne for taking the time to share your talent and experience with us.

When did your interest in photography begin?

I have been fascinated with cameras and art from a very young age. In nearly every home video I am begging to hold the camera, and as I got older I naturally stepped into the roll of “family photographer.”

When did you decide to make photography your profession?

As a freshman in college I received some wonderful advice from family, switched my major, and ended up graduating with my BA in fine art, emphasizing in photography. As I focused on portraiture I realized it was what I really loved, and what I was best at. It was around this point that I started thinking seriously about making this my career.

What were your biggest hurdles when you started your photography business?

The hardest aspects of starting a photography business for me was finding clients and charging them money. I didn’t feel confident enough in the beginning to advertise, and when I found clients (usually friends) I had a really hard time asking them to pay me and knowing what to charge. 

What was the best advice you received when you were starting out?

I was given lots of great advice through my photography and fine art education. Probably two of the most helpful things I was told were:

“Don’t be a doormat” – This fabulous gem of advice was given by my professor in my "Business for the Professional Artist" class, in reference to standing behind our work and having the confidence to charge what it was worth.

The second was from a photographer, Kristen Honeycutt, that I interviewed and admire. She told me it was important to not lock yourself into one specialty early on. She advised spending the first few years trying out all different kinds of photography to see what really ends up resonating most with your personality and style. She gave the example of a friend who thought she wanted to be a portrait photographer, was asked to do some food photography, loved it, and now does that for her career.

Are you full time or part time right now?

As a wife and mother of two, I am most definitely part time. I really appreciate having photography as a job, because of the flexibility it offers.

Do you shoot natural light or studio light, and why?

I shoot using mostly natural light, because I think it works best with the on location sessions I offer. I also really love working with the different types of light, colors and variations that nature provides. When it is needed, I also use my external flash.

What changes would you like to see in your business over the next year?

I am looking forward to an increase in clients, as this will be my second year living in the same location. Because of school and my husband’s applications to medical school, we haven’t settled in one area for very long. I am excited to get established and really start building a client base.

What software do you use to edit your images?  And what do you like most about it?

I use Photoshop. I like to create my own actions and I really enjoy all the artistic options that it offers. I love to paint and have found that Photoshop is the perfect program for combining these two aspects of art that I enjoy most.

What motivates you each day to pick up your camera and shoot?

As a mother there are lots of things that are the same every day, but there are simultaneously precious little moments that randomly pop up. Taking the time to try to capture these hilarious and darling memories is motivation enough; but also being able to express myself through a creative outlet really helps break up the monotony of laundry, dishes, diapers, cooking, and tantrums.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I will have a more streamlined editing and ordering process. I will have more experience in different areas of portraiture, and will be working specifically with the subjects/events I enjoy most. I would like to have a greater variety of lenses and equipment, and be more comfortable dealing with the business side of my business. 


About the Photographer: Hi! My name is Corinne and I am obsessed with pictures. I have my Bachelor's degree in Art, with an emphasis in Photography. I love meeting and getting to know new people. I work very hard to produce beautiful images that you will love and cherish forever. I have been taking pictures since I could first hold a camera; this has always been a passion of mine and I am so very fortunate to be able to do what I love most for a job. Thank you for your interest and please contact me with any questions!    

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