Changing your Fairy Wing Color Using the Fairyland Collection

Hello pretties! I know you are all excited about the Fairyland collection coming out (I will admit...I've been playing with it for hours already!) and we wanted to make sure you have all the cool info. on what this set can do. So here were are writing this fun post for you all to enjoy! 

My guess is that if you have this collection already, you have had some fun applying different fairy wings, adding fireflies and sun rays, and even sprinkling fairy dust liberally over a lot of your images, I will admit...I've been doing this too! The Fairyland Photoshop action and overlay collection is just so much fun to play with and it's never been easier to create whimsical images. But don't just take my word for it, we are here to discover how to change the color of the fairy wings and even add out own custom colors after all, so let's dig in and get started, shall we?


After running your Apply Fairy Wings action, you will see this in your layers panel:

You can see that the action already comes with six colors built in. To turn one of these colors on simply click on the empty gray box the the far left of each of the labeled adjustment layers. To add more of an existing color simply click on the color layer and bring up the opacity. At the top of the Layers Panel you can see a percentage labeled Opacity–click on this to bring the opacity up and deepen or richen the selected color, voila!


If you are ready to venture a little on the wilder side and add your own color, then keep's super easy to do! Simply click on any of the color layers in your adjustment layer after running the wing applicator action (pictured above), turn the color layer on by clicking on the empty gray box directly to the left of the layer and then double click inside the color box or layer icon (pictured above) to the right of the eye. You will see a color picker box appear.

Simply click anywhere within this color box to pick your desired color! If your background is darker, it is usually best to stick with lighter wing colors and of your if your background is lighter you may want to try a darker color! 


If you are more of a video person, we've got you covered. Check out this super fun video on changing and picking your own fairy wing color we've created just for you!


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