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Pastel Dreams Photoshop Actions Collection

Hi Pretties! You probably know by now that we love sharing good news with all of you and this announcement is no exception. Here’s a hint…what’s fun to play with, a breeze to use and will make your photos look like a dream? The NEW Pastel Dreams Collection for Photoshop of course!

Yes, Pretty Actions has done it again. We have created a new collection that not only enhances your images with custom-made pastel tones, polishers and light & airy color you have to see to believe, it’s also easier than ever to use. With over 78 actions to enhance your images, this is our largest collection yet!

We’ve made it super simple to fix any lighting situation with Light Doctor Actions, effortlessly add dreamy color tones with the Pastel All-In-One Actions, infuse your images with deep sun drenched color using the Sunfusion Actions, add gorgeous Sunrays, Sunbursts, and so much more!  We've also included new Retouch and Workflow Actions - this set truly has it all!

But wait! The fun doesn’t end there, now for the first time ever you can enjoy our hand-picked favorite combos and discover new finished looks within the Pastel Dreams collection while saving even more time. We all love playing with actions and mixing/matching to create new looks right?

Well this time, Pretty Actions has done all the hard work for you. Yes, we thought this new feature was pretty cool too.

Pastel Dreams Photoshop Actions from Pretty Actions

Pastel Dreams Photoshop Actions Example Edits:

So, who’s ready to effortlessly achieve soft light & airy color tones and hazes along with rich sun-drenched colors and effortlessly infused light? Want to see how it’s done? We thought you would never ask! Let’s edit two images together using the new Pretty Actions Pastel Dreams Collection. Ready?

We’ll start with this straight out of camera image:

Straight out of camera baby in field | Editing with Photoshop Actions Pastel Dreams

First, let’s play the action Cotton Candy. We opened this action folder to tweak it a bit and remove some of the pink tones—you can do this, too! All of our actions are customizable.

All in One Pastel Action added to photo of Baby in Field

Next, let’s bring the focus in on the sweet little subject here. We are going to play the action, All in Focus. Woop! We are really getting close to a beautifully edited and polished photo!

All in Focus Action added to photo of an infant in a field

OK, we’re almost done with this edit. See how easy this is? Just press play and watch the magic happen! We are going to add a bit more contrast to polish this image off nicely. Let’s play Cut the Haze and raise the overall layer opacity to 60%. Lookin' good!

Cut the Haze Action added to image of baby in field | Editing Photos with Photoshop Actions Pastel Dreams

Last we are going to make this image absolutely dreamy by adding a sunburst. We are going to play the Sunray Applicator Action, select our desired brush that’s included in the collection and “stamp” it onto the top of our image. Voila!

Sunburst Action added to photo of Baby in Field using Pastel Dreams Photoshop Actions

Here is the before and after so you can see the beautiful changes the Pastel Dreams Actions made.

Before and After photo using Pretty Photoshop Actions Pastel Dreams Collection

Ready to edit another image together? We are too! We are going to start off with this clean image, straight out of camera.

Straight out of camera image of young girl in a field

Next, we’re going to run a combination of actions that beautifully complement each other (and your images!) by selecting the Combo #1 action

Pastel Dreams Favorite Photoshop Action Combo added to photo of a young girl in a field

Wow! We just love how much fun that was! And for one last tweak, let’s select the Sun Up action that just played as part of the combo and raise the layer opacity to 100%.

Sun Up Action from the Pastel Dreams Collection added to photo of a young girl in a field

Again, here is the before and after so you can see the beautiful changes the Pastel Dreams Actions made.

Before and After photo using Pretty Actions Pastel Dreams Photoshop Actions

We’re done! That was so much fun and yes, it was really that easy!  We know that you are excited to start digging into this collection yourself so we will let you go have a little fun of your own!

Check out all the juicy details for the newest collection from Pretty Actions, the Pastel Dreams Photoshop Action Collection!

Light and Airy Pastel Photoshop Actions