Newborn Photoshop Actions

Hello Pretties! We have exciting news...Pretty Actions now offers a complete workflow LUXE Newborn Photoshop Action collection! This collection contains everything you could possibly image to beautifully and flawlessly edit your newborn & sitter sessions in a record amount of time.

Starting at the top of the LUXE Newborn collection you have your Fresh Starters to fix highlights, shadows, add contrast, soften color, etc. Next, and my personal favorite of the entire collection, are the Blanket Brushes! Yes you read correctly, there are brushes to perfect your posing blankets and not only that–we have created each blanket action to custom match any blanket - and it's all automated through the actions making the daunting process of changing a blanket color or smoothing a blanket or even creating a creamy fade on your newborn posing blanket a breeze! And to prove a point that these actions are an a favorite and just absolutely ah-mazing here is a super fun before and after.

Newborn Photoshop Actions - from Pretty Actions

 And because we know you want to see more . . . 

Newborn Photoshop Actions - from Pretty Actions

Ta da! What a difference the newborn Blanket Brushes make! Let's not forget that in addition to using the blanket brushes to edit these two images above, we also completed the look with the Skin Brushes and Overall Soothing Enhancers from the Luxe Newborn collection.

So let's talk a little more of what this collection has to offer, shall we? We all know newborns tend to have some skin issues the first few weeks after birth, such as yellow–jaundiced skin, acne, scratches from her little fingernails, cradle cap...the list goes on. Thankfully we had thought of that as well. 

When it came to creating the perfect newborn collection we knew we would need to include some powerhouse actions to correct major skin issues and compliment baby's soft skin! With this collection you can enjoy the ease of correcting jaundiced, magenta, cyan and red skin tones, smooth baby's skin, add a healthy glow or compliment baby's skin with different complimentary hues, even add a bit of pink to baby's cheeks or define the lash line on those sleepy baby poses (hint, I do this on every newborn photo!) You'll never have to worry about the time consuming process of having to make baby's skin look creamy...we've done the hard work for you!

Newborn Photoshop Actions - from Pretty Actions

Ok, lastly but most certainly not least comes the icing on the cake...finishing off your newborn photo with a gorgeous, creamy over-all enhancement to give your newborn images a beautiful, cohesive and finished look. This collection offers eleven different actions to subtly enhance your entire image, as well as an additional eight pastel matte finishers and four different black & white actions.

There is definitely something for everyone in this collection and one of the coolest things about our actions is that they are all completely customizable so you can make adjustments to match your look and style and complete your editing spree in half the time! You can even mix and match different actions to create new looks and adjust the opacity to control the strength of each enhancement on your images.

Newborn Photoshop Actions - from Pretty Actions

With our collections we like to make sure you are the creator, you still have all the power of Photoshop at your fingertips, we have just made things a little–OK a lot–easier for you. In the time it takes to run one action you won't even have the time to yawn. We love being able to help you save time and enhance your images beautifully and we take great pride in our job. Check out our Luxe Newborn Photoshop Actions collection here, your little clients will be super happy you did!

P.S. - If you prefer to edit in Lightroom, our sister site Pretty Presets for Lightroom just released their fabulous Baby Bella Newborn Workflow which includes tons of presets and brushes - everything you need to edit newborns in Lightroom!

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