Get them, you'll love it (PURE Color Workflow). New to the world of actions and Photoshop this was my first purchase. I'm very excited about the features in this set. They really give your photos that perfect touch. I'm excited to learn more and hopefully get my hands on those sky overlays! Thanks developers for the hard work! Their beautiful actions!!! - Dana

These PURE Color actions are so amazing! They should have called them the ALL in one PURE Color actions, because they have every thing you need to make your images look awesome. My images look so alive when I use these actions!! I think these are the best ones yet!! They are so easy to use, and they transform your images from drab to fab right before your eyes! I am so glad that I bought them. If your debating on purchasing them, don't even think about it. They are reasonable priced, and some of the best Photoshop actions I have ever used!! Don't even think about it! Just buy them, trust me you won't be sorry!! - Trish H

This is our first purchase with Pretty Actions for Photoshop. We are thrilled so far. Although we have the “know-how” in Photoshop to do these same filters and use brushes/masks/etc. to edit our photos, the Pretty Actions  just make it so much faster and easier to run with the click of a button. They are well organized and named properly in their actions folders and in the layers too (LOVE THAT!), so it’s very easy to edit/remove a filter or an action after it’s been run if you need to later as long as you save the Photoshop file in layers. We will likely make another purchase in the future. Thanks, Pretty! - Kristen O.

I bought this for my pictures and I must say that I absolutely love it. It's very easy to use, and the colors and pictures come out amazing! Thanks again!! - Sarah

I bought these the other day when they were on sale. I can't believe how awesome they are! They are certainly worth more than the price I paid and more than the original price as well in my opinion. I'm not usually a PS user but these are so easy to use. I want to go back and edit all my old photos with them now just because of how awesome they are at making your photos pop. Buy these and you won't be disappointed! :) - Beth

Love the Pretty Color Actions. They are just what I was looking for. I wanted easy to use actions that add a bit of polish to my images. I find them easy to use and clearly made with care and professionalism. And they help make my images look great. Thank you! - Kathleen C.

Easy, fun, beautiful! After purchasing other Pretty Actions and loving them I knew I couldn't go wrong purchasing the PURE collection. My biggest surprise is that these are even better than the others and I am spoiled for choice. I love them and PURE will definitely be my go to. Soso images become Beautiful images with a click of the mouse. Thank you for helping to make my workflow that much simpler and quicker. - Lonnie L.

I am total newbie when it comes to PS, but the PURE Color Workflow makes it soooooo easy to use PS and the actions and to enhance your images, you will gonna love it- I do it for sure! xoxo  Ines

This was my first Pretty Actions set and I could not be happier with it. The quality of them is beyond anything I could ask and it gives my images that extra oompf they had been lacking. Thank you - Donna

Love them! After I watched the tutorial I decided to give them a try. Ah, I am so very happy I did. They are the icing on my cake. Just what my images needed to give them that pop. Thanks, Pretty Actions!!! - cdtonm

I love my new actions... they are giving my photography new life and reigniting the flame! Thank you, thank you!!! - Julia G.

Love these! Learning how to navigate Photoshop can be tricky but Pretty Actions are awesome! I am able to take my photos to the next level - and learn about layers and about all the benefits that Photoshop can do to truly enhance a photo. Thank you for these great products! I love both Pretty Presets and Pretty Actions - my photography (and confidence) has gotten so better since finding these amazing tools. And thank you for always providing the instruction for newer photographers like me - it is appreciated! :) - Sue G.

Pretty Actions - Pretty Easy! These actions are so simple to use. I can't believe I have survived without them this long. I am obsessed with the eye sparkle action. My editing time has been cut in half. It makes me want to re-edit my previous shoots! Thank you!!! - Emily P.

My first purchase from Pretty Actions was the Pure Color Workflow and I'm so impressed with how many actions are included for the price and they are SO EASY to use!! I would give 10 more stars to this review if I could! - ameskee13

Love Pretty Actions Workflow! I pretty much work on LR about 90% of the time and 10% on PS. I use photoshop mainly to clean up spots, or wrinkles or under the eye circles. BUT when I purchased pretty actions, OMG! love it. Now my workflow is a bit different. I do my clean edits on all my images on LR using the sister company Pretty Presets. then I pick out about 5 images from my session that I want to make pop a bit more, and the Pretty Actions work flow is doing just that! so simple! love it. thank you Pretty actions team! - Aurora H.